20 Interior Decorating tips from the professionals

20 Interior Decorating tips from the professionals

/ Post by Prahas Vichakshana Mudalige
25 interior Decoration tips

We have been following some awesome professional interior decorators around the world the past years and have learned so much. 

Home decor is our favorite thing to do.

Go to the reading room, to feel quiet, simple and cozy to enhance your focus and creativity. 

Go to the Kitchen, our temple, where no one is allowed to make a mess other than me. everything is at the perfect place and my decorations are to get me fired up and grab a quick picture for insta once my dish is done and decorated.

Go to the living room, to feel rested, comfortable, and relaxed! most crucial time of the day.

So many trivial things we do in there adds up to bring us this feeling. Afterall, we do everything to be happy and fulfilled. 

Lada Merchants travel the world with these in mind, and we never forget to buy the stuff we find cool. 

1. Use Murals to Give Life to a Space

Think of every room in your house as a different person. Every different room needs to have its own characteristics.

Every different room is used for something specific. Just think about it, in the bathroom, you don't want to hang picture of a person staring at you. that would be creepy.  

but, if you are feeling a bit lonely while you eat, a mural at the dining room could bring the sensation of not been lonely.

"Murals are a way of bringing more people into the house, so even when it’s just the two owners, it never feels lonely." — Raji Radhakrishnan


2. Mix Old and New Decor

Don't just throw away all your old decorations when you get new stuff.

yes, if you are a minimalist, that is your teaching, however not been a minimalist or mixing a bit of both room types doesn't hurt. Afterall humans are diverse and diversity in the house could be a good thing. 

I've found many occasions where old decorations I had, matched perfectly with the new ones. 

There's no correct method for decor.

"Old and new belong together. A mix of modern pieces and antiques never tires." — Caleb Anderson

3. Step Up Your Lighting Game

Choose the Right Bulbs for your decorations with lights. Even when choosing light wires decide if you need the colorful light wires, or a single-color wire. 

Think about the setting of the light wires if you need it to blink or stay still. Think about how much light you expect it to have to illuminate the room at just the right amount for your design. 

Next, keep in mind, LED saves energy and could look great too.

"Choosing the right light bulb is very important. LED bulbs are energy efficient, and they can look great." — Paloma Contreras

4. Warm Up a Room with Mirrored Walls

Large sheets of mirror will look commercial, so try a sectioned pattern in the traditional French style instead. 

Mirrors creates the illusion of Size, so if you need to scale up a small room, this is a little trick to give off the sense.

"Mirrored panels like the ones lining this alcove can be elegant — but don't just slap them up "Jan Showers warns.

5. Invest in Antiques

What story do you want to tell the people visiting you?

Antiques tells the stories of your heritage, your inheritance and antiques only get better with age.  

“Great art and fabulous antiques only get better with age. It’s better to cry once and have a forever piece.” — Chandos Dodson Epley

6. Trust Your Intuition

One thing, people have completely forgotten is their instincts these days. 

you need to learn to trust your instincts and do what you feel is the right thing. especially in decorations, there is no one right or wrong method to do something.

decoration matters to you, not others around. There is no one person who can tell you that this is the perfect decoration for this room.  It's your choice. 

Just consider what others tell as recommendations. food for thought.

"Follow your gut. If you have to talk yourself into liking something, you probably don't."— Olivia Erwin

7. Use the Ceiling to Redefine the Room

when you think about decoration, you often only imagine what you see on the floor, or on tables, or the walls. 

but one important thing you are forgetting is the ceiling, a minor change to the ceiling could change the entire atmosphere. 

“Look up! We use ceilings a lot. Through them, we define the lines and beauty of a space.” — Julio Salcedo

8. Draw on the Walls

Drawing on the walls is a big no no for many.

Even though, it is cool to see some neat patterns or pictures on walls. You'd always take a moment to look at them. I do this all the time. 

besides, drawing kids playing in a kid's room would get the kids to see this and throw away the mobiles to play with each other for real. 

It is motivation, and if you cannot find the perfect decoration anywhere, this is the solution to get exactly what you needed there. least till you find the real deal.


Draw on wall


Can you believe this rental kitchen makeover done with just paint and tape? 

 check out this one Anthony's work

9. Texture is just as important as color

mixing textures around the place, not just because they look good pretty but also because they serve a functional role. Practical and sexy may seem to be an unlikely combo but you can sure do that with texture.

getting items with rough texture could get you to keep active while soft and smooth and cuddly surfaces would comfort you to slow down, relax and just Yawn... 


10. Go Deep

The popular myth of using black or dark colors is just so wrong!

We have seen so many walls painted in black and so many dark decors bringing an elegance, and naturally let everything around that come to life.

“Don’t be afraid of dark. I used this rich Benjamin Moore Midnight Blue on an accent wall—darker than I’d ever dared. It made the whole space come to life.” — Jean Larette

11. Don't Be Afraid of Clutter

With everyone going minimalist, you might think, minimalist is the right way to go. You might feel pushed to think minimalist when decorating too. However, Keep in mind that, minimalism is just another style. Someone might like minimalist setups, while the other doesn't. Thats just how it is. 

 If you got stuff you love and make you happy, you need to organize and keep them. Its ok to have a little clutter as long as you can give meaning to it and find it bringing you joy.

Take Marie Kondo with a grain of salt. "I think it's true what she says, but all this stuff brings me joy. Ever since I was little, I liked to collect things, even unimportant things," says Mary McDonald. Read about why she and other designers think you should embrace stuff.

12. Make Ceilings Look Higher With Tall Furniture

This is something, we never thought of until recently. It does work. We first found the idea of tall stuff in low ceiling room from Jason. We did try this out, and honestly, that gave a huge boost to the perception.  

"Use tall pieces in a low-height room. Short furnishings would make the ceiling feel that much lower to the ground." —Jason Oliver Nixon

13. Think Asymmetrical

 One huge misconception is that symmetry is essential.  Although, Symmetry is craved for, almost nothing in the world is symmetrical. 

Asymmetry is good when you need to show a flow. to get people to move one place to the other, like a natural attraction to keep people moving to a given location that's been pointed out with your decors. 

Like water flows from high ground to low, it's natural to want to walk towards the slope.

“Get creative when thinking about form and function. A client in a traditional Georgian home needed it to work for her modern way of entertaining. We opted for an asymmetrical, organic space that encourages guests to float through the room while engaged in conversation.” — Kate Coughlin

14. Create Your Own Light

Not every room in your house gets the natural sunlight as much as you wish it had. You cannot tear down the walls to let in some sun either?  

but still, a cool method our ancestors used back then was using reflective decorations to shine in some light.

“When you're given a dark space that doesn't have great light, create your own light. In this kitchen, we used Sherwin-​Williams's sunny Ener­getic Orange, and it turned out just fabulous— so cheerful.” — Matthew Boland

15. Reflect Your Personality in the Bedrooms

Each person in your family got their own world, their own personality.  Allowing them to bring in that personality to their rooms gives that room a soul. You will always feel they are in the room with you even when they are not. Some reason why mom's doesn't change a thing in your room when you are out for a long while.

"In the master suite, decor can deviate from the common areas and really reflect your personality." — Ali Vanderpool and Ariana Villalta

16. Make Sure It All Fits

A popular method we use when we plan to get some furniture or moving furniture from one room to another is using a black tape to mark the size of the piece of furniture on the floor. 

This allows us to plan how it will look and decide if it will fit in the room as we imagine.

"Being able to visualize the scale of a piece is critical. In our office, we say, 'When in doubt, tape it out!'" — Kylee Shintaffer

17. Collect Unique Pieces

Collecting unique and cool decorations and products is our specialty at Lada. Something most of our customers do once a month is to just visit Lada, have a walk around to check out all the new stuff we have gotten with each of our new shipments. 

Don't worry if you are not close enough though, we will try to upload all the new stuff we get as soon as possible on our website. We could even send an email if you'd like. 

While you travel around, if you find any unique decorations that captures your heart, get them! don't be disappointed later. Those unique ornaments, statues or decorations are memories too. Memories that will take you back to that special place you bought it at. I got an Golden Buddha statue from Ayodya, Thailand once; and each time I see that, I feel as if I hear the Bells of the temple ringing, and the quiet and calm atmosphere around me. 

"The strange bust from the flea market, the weird painting you are drawn to: Buy them all. Curate a space that is truly one of a kind." — Stephanie Sabbe

18. Don't Stop Editing

Never stop changing your decorations. Move it from one place to another, place it in an ideal position that creates a shadow on your wall at sunset.  or just completely replace it with another. 

Let's face it, we cannot change our houses every day. but what we can change is how it looks. changing few placements every month or year will make you feel like you are living in a completely new place every time you change the places.

"The least expensive action: edit, edit, edit!" — Katie Sutton

19. Establish a Color Scheme

This list wouldn't be complete without color. Colors means a lot! and it plays a crucial role in any setup. The mood inside your house can completely be changed just by changing the color of the walls. 

if you add a bright yellow color, that will give off a happy vibe.

if you add red, it will inspire creativity or romance. 

if you have white walls it will bring peace and relaxation to your mind.

Use the 50/150 Rule 

For the perfect color family, mix one batch of paint 50% lighter than the base and another 150% darker. "That's a fail­safe method for striping a wall. It's also a very architectural way of using color." — Mary Douglas Drysdale

"I come up with a basic color scheme for the whole house, and then I take that from room to room," reveals Gary McBournie, a designer based in Boston. "It plays itself out in different ways in different rooms."

20. Have Fun

Lastly, the most important thing about decoration is, having fun. All the decorations you've purchased, all the colors you've chosen and everything you do is there for you to enjoy life. 

So if you enjoy what you are doing, If you love something. just do it.

"Make sure you're having fun. What's more fun than making your own home more beautiful?" — Eche Martinez


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